SELINA REE - Vocalist B.Mus


     Selina Ree is a music teacher, professional musician, live stage artist and Choral Director of the Collingwood Children's Choir and of the Barrie Huronia Soundwaves. Over the past 17 years Selina has pursued her passion for singing and strives to share that passion with the Collingwood community.

     Selina honed her skills in vocal performance and strengthened her knowledge of music at McMaster University where she earned a degree in Vocal Performance. Now, operating her own voice and piano studio in the heart of downtown Collingwood with a roster of 46 students ages 5 to 65,   Selina continues to enrich the musical landscape of Collingwood.

      Voice is one of the most challenging instruments but also very rewarding to learn. Singing is an art, and as with any art, the possibilities are endless.  Your imagination and spirit are alive when you sing. Sing because it makes you live longer, sing because it feels good and sing because you can!     Sing forte. ~ Selina Ree

COLIN ECCLES, B.Mus (Honours)


     Colin is a graduate of the McMaster University’s music program; his main areas of focus were Theory, Composition, and Collaborative Piano. During his third and fourth years, Colin was employed by the university as a Teaching Assistant for Harmony classes. He continues to teach theory in the Midland area. In addition to being a sought-after accompanist for many oboists and vocalists throughout his time at the school, Colin was asked to play second piano in the McMaster University Choir’s 2012 production of Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana.

     Colin is fascinated by music of the 20th and 21st centuries, particularly that of Canada and Argentina. In 2009, he was asked to perform Polarities – a piano solo by Canadian composer Mary Gardiner – at a tribute concert to her music. The concert, It’s About Time, took place at the Heliconian Hall in Toronto.

     In addition to his lifelong involvement with music, Colin also studied dance and has completed advanced exams in the Cecchetti Ballet syllabus. He teaches Ballet, Conditioning for Dancers, and Choreography at Collingwood’s Fleet-Wood Dancentre. His connection to dance also provided a commission for a composition which was used in the Dance2Danse festival in 2010, where it was well-received.

Selina Ree - Vocalist B.Mus |  Vocal & Piano Instructor |  Collingwood Children's Choir Director |  Barrie Huronia Soundwaves Director

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